Terms of Use

This page contains essential and compulsory information about our Terms and Conditions of Service (T&Cs thereon).


The Yacht-Company (the Company, we, YC), located and registered in USA, having regarded international laws and the Company Memorandum, offers the to any guest for informative purposes. For any adults who have created a personal account on the mentioned website (by correctly filling in and submitting the registration form) the Company provides its website at their service for information, consulting and statistical purposes; in addition, the Client may perform investive actions, outlined and provided for by the Company Marketing Department, at their discretion.

Legal basis

These T&Cs supersede any other provisions concerning regulation of the Foundation section above and may not be disputed upon acceptance by the Client during their registration process.


Any actions performed by the Client with the use of the website, they do at their discretion. Only the Client themselves are liable for any of their actions. The Company may just act as a service supplier for the mentioned services and base its actions upon the norms of the international law while performing its functions and providing services within the framework of these T&Cs exclusively.


The Client accepts full responsibility for creating conditions which may to some extent negatively affect the way the system, the database, information and information exchange flows work, and the structural integrity of the software and licenced (third party) data packs.

The Client accepts full responsibility for actions that may subsequently be considered to be a suspicious activity, suspicious financial activity, money laundering, funding of proscribed entities or using money that has been obtained illegally.

The Client accepts full responsibility for non-compliance with these T&Cs in terms creation of more than one account and agrees to be fined for 50% of their profit upon discovery such fact for the financial losses the Company has sustained every time they used YC investment offers.


Payouts occur daily unless otherwise is specified by the Marketing Department.

The Company undertakes to pay interest it owes to the Client on their shares, any other specified interest as well as partner rewards as per the regulations on processing requests for fund payouts.

As per the mentioned regulations, any request for such payouts may be processed from 5 minutes to 72 hours, provided the requested amount is more than $0.01.

The Company waives any liability arising from non-compliance with the mentioned regulations when it appears impossible to do so due to uncontrolled circumstances. In particular, this includes, but not limited to, force majeure circumstances of natural or technogenic etymology.


Accumulation of funds occurs in compliance with our investment offers (marketing), which conditions are outlined below.

The description of the types of passive income, depending on the amount and time of investment, may be viewed on the Investments page.


Every client has the right to receive additional active income from investments made by partners within their structure.

Partner rewards are accumulated on the Client's account balance in the currency of the corresponding investments made by their partners.

Every Client has the right to receive differentiated partner reward.

Dispute resolution

Written negotiations resolve any disputes which may arise between the Client and the Company.

In case particular circumstances warrant it, the Company may initiate the negotiation process through a personal meeting with the Client. In this case, all expenses related to the Client's visit to USA or representative expenses associated with the visit of the Company officials to the Client's country of residence, We undertake to fund by our means in full.

Final provisions

All website pages are equal in force structural and integral parts of this T&Cs for performance of both Client's and Company's rights and obligations.

All website pages, as well as these T&Cs, may be altered by the COmpany at any time without prior negotiations or notice the Client.

The fact the Client continues to use the COmpany website and its options is the acknowledgement of an agreement and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Service (any website pages) in their new version and any alterations.