Privacy Policy


The company provides its services through various platforms in the domain (hereinafter ""). The provisions of the Privacy Policy apply equally to all customers of the Company - former, present and future.

Collection of personal data

When customers register with, they confirm their intention to transfer certain personal information to the Company, which we use to confirm the identity of the client and ensure the safety of his contributions. This information is collected in accordance with our verification procedure used to prevent international money laundering operations and to ensure the safety and security of client operations.

Our customers are committed to providing us with true, relevant and reliable information about their identities. Moreover, they must declare in categorical form that they are registering and conducting tenders on their own behalf, and do not resort to any actions that may be regarded as fraud, nor do they impersonate another person, regardless of who is being prosecuted this goals.

The procedure for collecting data by the Company provides for the collection of information freely distributed and transmitted to the Company by the Client, as well as the placement of temporary files (cookies) in order to collect data on how the client interacts with the Company's website. These tools for collecting client information are used for the security of the client himself, and all data collected through such tools is distributed only among the employees of this company who are involved in the process of verifying information on the client account for the sole purpose of ensuring the confidentiality and security of the client. The client has the right to accept or decline temporary cookies (cookies). Most web browsers automatically accept temporary files, but, if desired, the client can change their browser settings to reject such files. Performing such actions may interfere with the use of all functions of the website.

Transferring information to third parties

We will never transfer any personal or confidential information about our customers and former customers to third parties without the express written consent of the customers themselves, except in special cases where such transfer is required by law or it is necessary to verify our identity the client to ensure the safety of his accounts and the protection of personal data. We can also transfer the personal data of our customers to third parties for the implementation of customer instructions, or in accordance with the written consent of the client. Information on the confidentiality of the information transmitted must be explicitly communicated to a third party.

How to use your personal data

By registering at and with the conscious use of the Company's products and services by customers, customers acknowledge and agree that they give their consent to the use of all or some of their provided data related to their account in the company, transactions, and in the framework of their interaction with the Company and on behalf of the Company. The Company will record every moment of interaction between the client and the Company, and use these credentials in the event of a dispute between customers and the Company. From time to time, representatives of the Company may contact customers by phone or email as part of market research, or to provide more detailed information. Moreover, sometimes representatives of the Company may need to contact customers by phone or e-mail to inform them of the unique temporary offers that the Company provides to its customers. Customers agree to receive such requests when they agree to the terms of use of during registration.

Protecting customer privacy

Employees of the Company do everything possible to ensure the confidentiality of personal data of customers by performing information protection procedures aimed at ensuring the confidentiality of customer information. Company employees take all necessary measures to protect all personal data of their customers from loss, theft, abuse of them, and to prevent unauthorized access, distribution, modification or destruction of this data. Moreover, the Company regularly updates its data protection policy to ensure a constant high level of protection of confidential customer information.


Any person who no longer wishes to have a contractual relationship with the Company is entitled to do so at any time by sending an email to the company, following the instructions provided in each letter of the company, asking them not to make any more contacts on behalf of the company.

Procedure for changing the Privacy Policy

The company reserves the right at any time at its sole discretion to edit or make changes to this Privacy Policy, in particular to display the results of cooperation between the company and the client. The company strongly recommends that its customers regularly consult the Privacy Policy for information regarding the protection of their data.

Contact information

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Privacy Policy, please contact us by e-mail [email protected] does everything possible to ensure the protection of private information, the confidentiality and safety of its customers are maintained both during their interaction with the company and after that, to the highest degree achievable by the company.